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Marketing Rampage with Blogs and RSS Marketing Rampage
with Blogs and RSS

Copyright © Brandon Hong

Imagine being able to reach virtually any corner of the Net, promoting yourself, your message, your ad, your product, your service...
...the list goes on.
And all this for FREE.

What's the BIG DEAL about Blogs and RSS feeds?

Slowly but surely, RSS feeds are spreading like the Australian bush fires.

Either you jump in the limo now, or you lose out forever.

15 Easy-to-Understand Lessons: Here's a sneak peak of the secrets that create a rampage of targeted traffic, cash rich and ready buyers to your site, and you'll get it for free in the "Marketing Rage with Blogs and RSS" ecourse...

1. Marketing Revolution with Blogs and RSS

2. How blogs can help you with your online business

3. Five common mistakes to avoid with a blog

4. How to make money with your own blog

5. What are RSS feeds?

6. How RSS can help you with your online business

7. Easiest way to create an RSS feed

8. What are RSS formats? Which one should I use?

9. I've heard of feed validators. What is it?

10. What is a newsreader?

11. Can I track my RSS feeds? Why and How?

12. Can I monetize my RSS feeds?

13. How can I let others syndicate or use my feeds?

14. Where and how you can announce your RSS feeds

15. Putting it together. What you need to do NOW.

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5 Day Web Money Ecourse 5 Day Web Money Course
Copyright © Kunle Olomofe

Here's what you'll receive in this, No-Nonsense, no bull coaching from Kunle Olomofe, one of the Internet's Masters.

Lesson One: The one way YOU (like the experts), can be making 10's of 1000's of dollars virtually overnight. Nothing comes close to this.

Lesson Two: QUESTION: How To STOP Wasting Money On Advertising? ANSWER: Have your own list of *responsive* prospects. The keyword here being RESPONSIVE... Here's how to achieve this.. easily.

Lesson Three: 10 proven ways to start giving to the public to prove your worth, and build SUPER trust with them. When they need answers, they'll know it--you're the man or woman to talk to--Here's how to do it.

Lesson Four: How to get 5,000 downloads of your free ebook in ONE MONTH.. for only $50.. No other fee-based advertising beats this.

Lesson Five: How to quickly tap into the FREE quality traffic of 2 of the Internet's most frequently visited download sites. No one else wants to share this info with you openly--get it here.

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